The Amount of Rental Space $1,500 Allows Globally

February 12, 2018
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In Istanbul, Shanghai, Berlin, or Beijing, a renter spending $1,500 per month can live in a space between roughly 1,431 and 1,894 square feet. In San Francisco, $1,500 is enough for approximately 312 square feet of rental space.

A new infographic from Rentcafé's analysis of Yardi Matrix data shows the cities where renters get the most and least amount of space all over the world. Of the cities in the United States, Chicago offers the most space for $1,500 in rent at 602.8 square feet, Los Angeles offers 527.4 sf, and San Francisco and Manhattan offer the least, between 312 and roughly 280 sf, per Statista. 

If you're looking to rent a place in Istanbul and have a monthly budget of $1,500 at your disposal, you're going to be able to stretch your legs out with an average of 176 m² (1894.5 sf). In Manhattan though, the story is quite different. With such a budget, renters can only expect to have 26m² (279.9 sf) to live in. Our chart shows the average space you would get in 25 popular cities around the world.

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