Anatomy of a Best Practice

Learn to develop a best practice with Professional Builder and Michael Dickens.
By By Erin Erickson, Group Managing Editor | February 29, 2008

Everyone loves a best practice. Not everyone, however, knows how to develop one. Professional Builder, along with best practices guru Michael Dickens, take the guesswork out of the process and provide you with an outlet to share the wealth.


Determine what's wrong and what needs to be improved. Compare external best practices to your own processes.


What are others in your industry doing? Consult best practices-oriented magazines and Web sites for in-depth case studies and examples.


Define the best practice by examining all options available and honing in on the one that best suits your team or your company.


Execute the best practice first in a smaller group or division. Make necessary changes and distribute to larger group. Conduct training as necessary.


Do your best practices measure up? Take part in the National Housing Quality Awards and see how you compare. The deadline for materials is April 30. Call 800/638-8556 for more information.