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Italian bath products manufacturer Antonio Lupi Design has introduced a new line of sinks that replaces the traditional waste fitting with a simple groove.

Designed by Mario Ferrarini, Breccia is a bath sink that is integrated into a Flumood (solid surface) countertop. Instead of a traditional center-hole waste, it features “a light and evident groove on the surface that defines its identity,” the manufacturer says.

“Its particularity lies in how the drain has been developed, a constant subject of investigation and research by Antonio Lupi,” the company says. “[The] first company to eliminate the traditional waste fitting by proposing elegant and integrated solutions in the design of the element, today it has thought of Breccia, a cut that allows water to flow, a sign that starts from a hole and in the groove digs into the material a continuum that connects it to the perimeter of the sink.”

The waste groove, the company says, is “an aesthetic detail that satisfies a fundamental functional need, an idea that solves a technical aspect and becomes a distinctive feature of the project.”

Available as a single- or a double-sink, Breccia is made from an almost ½-inch-thick solid surface with a satin finish and comes with a drain pipe fitting and open plug. Sinks measure 56 to 107 inches, but made-to-measure sizes also are available.

Antonio Lupi Design Breccia lavatory sink 2


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