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The identity is already in the name—the final image is the clear expression of the technique that becomes decoration, a distinctive feature of the project. As always in the Antonio Lupi collections, human thought meets technological evolution to give life to a product through the absolute strength of the material.

Rigatino is a freestanding sink with a cylindrical base that, like the trunk of a tree, rises from the ground to conclude with an elegant and natural crowning.

The wood grains on the cylindrical base of the basin become subtle vertical millings that reproduce parallel lines and make the surface three-dimensional and dynamic. The base can be in solid wood or marble. The basin placed on its top, in addition to marble, comes in Flumood or Colormood. The column can also be combined with the Simplotondo sink, which features an integrated countertop.

Rigatino is a pure volume that comes from the overlapping of two distinct elements in constant dialogue, a compact but at the same time slender form, vibrant with light and shadow. Rigatino is aims for an iconic presence, to be a symbol of contemporary luxury that translates into the quality of the material and antoniolupi's ability to enhance its essence.