Apartment Gyms Evolve Into Wellness Centers

September 16, 2019
Woman leading fitness class for wellness
Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash

Fitness centers in apartment buildings have graduated from the oversized closet with a stationary bike, treadmill, and dumbbells to large functional training areas with cardio and weight equipment. Besides the equipment, providing a curriculum is an expectation as more multifamily residents want their fitness center to provide wellness amenities like virtual/on-demand classes, classes led by trainers, and even nutrition and cooking coaching.

“Most of the fitness spaces we see in multi-family include a large functional training area with cardio and weight equipment, as well as a fitness/yoga studio,” observes Chicago-based concierge fitness firm LulaFit vice president of operations Zack Neff. “These gym spaces are more built out than what you would typically see at a hotel, and the newest buildings we are working with even compare to high-end boutique gyms,” he notes. In the five years his company has been in business, that trend has been accelerating, Neff says. “The spaces have continuously gotten nicer and bigger with every new development.”

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