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True Ofuro Tranquility is a new Japanese soaking tub that offers a modern update to the original but includes a built-in heating system.

A modern interpretation of an ancient Japanese product, the tub by Aquatica USA is made from the company’s AquateX solid surface material with a soft white matte finish.

“True Ofuro is a 'sit-and-soak' tub with the addition of a state-of-the-art in-built heating system to maintain hot water temperatures – benefitting the bather and the environment,” the company says.

The tub is fitted with a low-flow/high-efficiency pump, a re-circulation and ozone disinfection system, an integrated Bluetooth audio system, underwater LED chromotherapy lighting, and a glass keypad touch control.

It measures 51½ inches long, 36¼ inches wide, and stands 33¾ inches tall. The unit has a deep soak capacity of 87 gallons. Available without the in-line heating option, the tub also comes as a mini version with a minimal footprint of 43¼ inches by 43 inches and a height of 37¼ inches, making it ideal for condos and smaller homes.