ASHRAE, WELL Panels to Tackle Revising Standards to Limit Spread of Viruses in Buildings

By Peter Fabris | April 14, 2020
Coronavirus planning
By wladimir1804

Both ASHRAE and the International WELL Building Institute have formed panels to address how building standards could limit the spread of viruses such as COVID-19 in buildings. ASHRAE recently formed a committee to update advice and standards that address viral infections in buildings. The task force will recommend shifts in operational practices and design standards to ensure that buildings limit the spread of pathogens, according to an ASHRAE news release.

The task force is designed to serve as a clearinghouse to handle questions as they come in, to review research and to develop guidance. In addition to guidance and position papers, the task force’s work may lead to changes in ASHRAE standards, including 62.1 (non-residential ventilation), 62.2 (residential ventilation), 55 (thermal comfort), and 170 (healthcare ventilation).

WELL’s task force will examine ways to address infectious threats through building designs, operations, and standards. Among the possibilities are changes to incentives for ventilation and air filters and incorporation of antimicrobial surfaces.

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