Augmented Reality Is Shaping the Future of Homebuying, Building

November 10, 2017
Augmented Reality
Photo: Pexels

Experts predict that there could be as many as 900 million mobile devices capable of supporting augmented reality apps by the end of 2018. This technology is being used more and more in real estate by builders, designers, and homeowners.

“There’s a lot of data that architects and builders need to assess at the design phase and changes are made constantly. If I’m able to stand at the site and see the shadow impact a building has on the surrounding area, it might alter the height of the building,” Michael Schroeder, director of virtual design and construction at architectural and design firm SGA told The New York Times

Clelia Warburg Peters, the president of Warburg Realty, thinks augmented reality has the possibility to become a key tool in the home-buying process. Virtual reality, which has been used by brokers to entice customers to buy homes in faraway cities, conveys what the builder wants to show. 

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