The Baby Boomer Generation Values Suburban Living

February 12, 2016

Despite what television shows, movies, and other forms of pop culture might have you believe, not everyone enjoys throwing on a fishnet shirt, an entire tube of hair gel, and an eye-watering amount of cologne/perfume and heading down to the clubs in the city every night. Some people, especially those of the baby boomer generation, prefer the quiet simplicity often associated with suburban living.

As Eye on Housing reports, a survey conducted by NAHB in September 2015 shows baby boomers rank a suburban location, preferably in a cul-de-sac or other low traffic area, as the most desirable feature for a community. 48 percent of respondents said a suburban location was desirable and 22 percent labeled it as essential. Having a park area, being near retail space, and proximity to walking/jogging scales were the other most desirable features.

Regardless of generation, a suburban location was one of the most important features to have as Generation X, baby boomers, and seniors all ranked it number one on their lists. Surprisingly, perhaps, Millennials ranked a suburban location as the second most important feature, just behind a park area.

As far as baby boomers go, a daycare center and baseball and soccer fields were the least desirable features to have.

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