The Beautiful Complexity of Tiny Homes

July 14, 2015

Tiny dwellings don’t have to be a “dollhouse-size knock off of larger ones,” writes design reporter Kristin Hohenadel for Slate.

She features several tiny dwellings documented in the monograph “BIG Little House: Small Houses Designed by Architects” by Donna Kacmar.

The tiny homes featured include an 800 s.f. residence built on top of a 62,000 s.f. warehouse in Seattle, which uses floor-to-ceiling warm wood shelving to add a homey feel to the home’s industrial setting.

Another home is the 895 s.f. Nested House designed by LOJO Architecture in the suburbs of Houston. Based on the owner’s request, the home mimics a sauna from the owner’s home country of Kazakhstan.

“When thoughtfully designed, they are painstakingly integrated into their surroundings; deeply reflective of the priorities of the people who live in them; and compelled to address issues of space, light, and form in highly specific ways,” Hohenadel writes.

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