Behind New York’s Newest Curved Glass Façade Residences

March 16, 2015

A 64-story glass-and-steel multifamily project in New York City won’t be just any ordinary, rectangular see-through tower. Its curved edges will set it apart.

The New York Times chats with Daniele Petroni, the project manager of this development on 50 West Street. Petroni describes how a curved-glass curtain wall can make a development cost 300 to 500 percent more than if it were designed to use flat glass.

The apartments in 50 West Street will range in price from $1.83 million for a one-bedroom with 20-foot high living room walls of curved glass, while penthouses with 360-degree views begin at $18.65 million.

“Yes, it’s only for a few on the inside, but it’s for everyone on the outside. Anybody can build a cube,” he said. “These special towers are what separate the developers who dream big from the ordinary guys.”

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