Behind our New Logo & Look

This new design gives each department and feature its own distinctive look to make navigation easier for the reader.
By Niles Crum, Publisher | August 31, 2004

Whoever it was that said, "If it isn't broke, don't fix it," surely didn't understand the need to constantly improve. The staff at Professional Builder believes, "even if it isn't broke, enhance it. Make it even better."

That's what we've done, starting with the September issue you have in your hands. We gave PB a new look, a new logo and an improved profile. This redesign reflects nearly one year of planning. We thank all those readers who participated in the in-depth research that helped us select this dramatic layout and our new logo, which clearly states our mission: Professional Builder, the source for building profit.

Professional Builder partnered with Iridium Group, an award-winning New York firm, to lead the redesign effort. Using our in-depth reader research and drawing on their deep experience with more than 180 publications, Iridium Group created a design solution to enhance your reading experience. Principle Dwight Flinchum and designer Lori Ende worked with the PB team to create a visually exciting palette that improves readability.

What will you see? On the cover, we start with a bold new logo, dominant use of photography, a heavier paper stock and a high gloss to complete the package. The above improvements are coupled with a design format that reinforces the editorial structure by using color and typography to give each feature, department and individual element its own distinctive look. These graphic devices give you quick access to specific information by offering you tiered entry points to every article and each section. At the end of articles, always look for the LOG ON box. This visual cue lets you know that the story isn't over - more information can be found at our Web site,

Throughout Professional Builder's 68 years, we have always strived to make PB the best in the business. Being great does not guarantee greatness, so we are forever in search of ways to improve what we bring to you. In this issue, every article delivers on our mission to help our readers build profit. Here you get design ideas to differentiate your new homes in the marketplace; business of building tips to create tighter business processes and more durable homes; and the product information you need to make the right material choices.

We believe Professional Builder delivers powerful editorial content with the fresh design perspective you expect and deserve. See for yourself - check out our new design and layout. And we hope you will take the time to let us know how we are doing and what you think of our latest effort.

In closing, this won't be the last tweak Professional Builder will make. Continually improving and always providing the most attractive magazine with the best editorial to help you run your business more profitably always will be our goal.

Niles Crum


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