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Roof and wall building solutions manufacturer Benjamin Obdyke has updated and improved its Flatwrap HP high performance housewrap to be even better, the company says.

“We’re excited for this update to the Flatwrap HP product line,” says Tara Murray, director of marketing at Benjamin Obdyke. “With the latest version, we’ve been able to improve the performance while also adjusting the price point to be more accessible in the residential channel. It’s important to us to provide category-leading products. Flatwrap HP is an ideal addition to our ‘good, better, best’ options for exterior moisture protection.”

The old FlatWrap HP is a commercial-grade water-resistive barrier that provides superior bulk water drainage, exceptional vapor permeability and durability when its used in conjunction with a rainscreen wall, the company says. Benjamin Obdyke billed the product as a perfect complement to its Slicker products as the water-resistive barrier component in a rainscreen wall system. It also can be paired with HydroGap Drainable housewrap as the required secondary layer in stone or stucco applications.

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Benjamin Obdyke Flat Wrap HP New Silo


But the updated product has enhanced qualities. Designed for use in non-absorptive cladding applications or in conjunction with a rainscreen for other applications, the product offers superior durability via a trilaminate polypropylene substrate, the company says.

“The trilaminate design protects the water hold out layer from damage during install,” Benjamin Obdyke says. “Flatwrap HP can be installed as an air barrier and is also breathable with an ideal perm rating between 10 and 20 perms per building science research. The product can be exposed for 120 days before cladding install and offers a gray, low glare surface for easy install.”

Available in 3-foot, 5 foot, and 9-foot sizes, Flatwrap HP fits most project needs. The brand says the product is protected by a warranty that guarantees its performance over its lifespan.

“Our goal at Benjamin Obdyke is to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for exterior moisture protection” Murray says. “The new Flatwrap HP allows us to bring a higher level of housewrap performance to the residential category at a competitive price point. We strive to educate the market on how to apply the right protection solution, consideration of climate, cladding, and budget. Flatwrap is a great option for vinyl siding applications, but strongly encourage a drainable wrap or rainscreen for any cladding that absorbs moisture.”