The Best (And Worst) Features Of Apple’s New Smart Home App

September 28, 2016

Apple’s HomeKit platform got a boost last week through the launch of iOS 10.

CNET’s David Priest reports that the new Home app has some nifty smart home control features. The app is a command center for HomeKit-compatible products, boasting a clean interface and easier sharing capabilities. It also better uses Siri

With Home, Siri can close a dozen shades, turn off the lights, and lock all the doors within seconds of me saying, "Lockdown." And the Home app lets you personalize how you group devices (in rooms, for instance). That lets you control whole swathes of the house with single voice controls. That's not just cool; it changes how you can interact with your home.

The app still has some room for improvement. Priest found that Siri struggles to understand voice commands, and that organization between devices needs to be cleaned up. Also, the app will completely stop working at times.

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