The Best And Worst Places To Be A Working Mom

May 6, 2016

A new list of the best and worst places to be a working mom has just been released by WalletHub and it highlights not only the top five best and worst places, but it also breaks down the overall list into categories such as best and worst day care systems and highest and lowest child care costs.

As Fast Company reports, WalletHub’s analysis pegged Vermont, Minnesota, and Connecticut as the three best states for anyone who is interested in being a working mother. The list also ranks Alaska, Louisiana, and South Carolina as states for working moms to avoid.

New York ranked number one for the best day care systems followed by Washington in second place and a three-way tie between North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas for third. Meanwhile Idaho has the worst day care system in the country. Nebraska, California, Louisiana, and Alabama round out the top five.

As far as child care costs as a percentage of median women’s income, Mississippi was the state that came out on top with the lowest costs. Tennessee, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Missouri rounded out the top five. Florida, Washington, D.C. Rhode Island, Nevada, and New York had the highest child care costs. Overall, working moms living in the states with the highest costs can expect to pay as much as two times more than those living in states with the lowest costs.

Additionally, the District of Columbia had the lowest gender pay gap and the highest female-executive-to-male-executive ratio. However, because the childcare costs are so high in the area, women may not be benefitting form the narrow gender-wage gap because it ends up going to pay for child care.

To view each list in its entirety, click the link below.

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