The Best Big Cities For Families

March 29, 2016

There is nowhere quite like a big city. There is no better place in the country to see a better visualization of population density and diversity than a big city. You can walk around for ten minutes and absorb a wider variety of culture than you could get by spending a full day just about anywhere else. However, as with anything in life, some of them are better than others, and it all depends on what you are looking to get out of your city experience.

The best big city for singles is going to differ from the best big city for dog owners which is going to differ from the best big city for bicyclists; it’s all relative. For example, if you are searching for the best big city for families, things like crime, child friendliness, and schools are going to play a larger role in determining what comes out on top. And those are the exact categories Apartment List, an online rental marketplace, used in putting together their list of the best large U.S. cities for families, Business Insider reports.

Minneapolis, Minn. kicked off the list at number 20 as it performed better than 48 percent of other cities in terms of crime and child friendliness and has a high school graduation rate of 68 percent. Additionally, about 32 percent of median income goes towards rent.

Chicago, Ill., the third biggest city in the country in terms of population, was ranked at number 19. It performed better than 62 percent of other cities in terms of crime (which will probably be the most shocking and questionable statistic you read all day) and better than 69 percent of other cities for child friendliness. Its high school graduation rate is 73 percent and 34 percent of median income goes towards rent.

Meanwhile, California is home to three of the top five cities on the list (San Diego, Sacramento, and San Jose) but was unable to produce a city to capture the number one spot.

Dallas, Texas came in at number one with a crime score better than 73 percent of other cities and a child friendliness score that was better than 97 percent of other cities. It also has a high graduation rate for high school of 88 percent and only 29 percent of the median income goes towards rent.

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