The Best Big Cities For Outdoor Recreation

November 4, 2016

If you really love the outdoors, then a small cabin in rural Montana is probably the best place for you. If you love the outdoors but also want to live a big-city lifestyle, then you should consider Honolulu or New Orleans.

SmartAsset sifted through the country’s 100 largest metros and found the 10 best cities for outdoor enthusiasts. Honolulu earned the top spot, with 34 acres of parkland for every 1,000 residents. While doing stuff on terra firma is well and good, the Hawaii city also offers surfing and scuba diving.

Anchorage is known for its clean air, New Orleans has several of water parks, and Virginia Beach, Va., has more than 250 parks and outdoor facilities.

There’s a reason why St. Petersburg, Fla., is known as the Sunshine City. It still holds the world record for having the most sunny days in a row: 768. Plenty of sunshine means there’s plenty of opportunities to go hiking, horseback riding and fishing.

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