The Best Cities For Golfers

June 9, 2017

Though it rains quite often, Portland, Ore., is a great place for those who like to hit the links.

SmartAsset ranked the top 25 cities for golfers to live in. Portland finished first, due to its many courses, relatively stable climate, and low property crime rate. Portland residents also tend to be flush with cash after paying for housing, and of course, golf isn’t cheap.

Gilbert, Ariz., Chandlers, Ariz., Winston-Salem, N.C., and Fort Wayne, Ind., round out the top five. Along with weather, crime rates, and the amount of local courses, factors such as unemployment rate and median housing costs were included in determining the rankings.

If you are a person looking to maximize time on the green, you may have to give up living in the big city. The five largest cities in the country, measured by population, are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia. All of these cities rank in the bottom 30 for best cities for golfers to live.

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