The Best Cities Where Retirees Can Stay Active

March 30, 2017

Located in the tax-friendly state of Delaware, Wilmington is a great place for older Americans to walk and play golf.

SmartAsset ranked the best cities for an active retirement, factoring in walk scores and the amount of golf courses and fitness-related business, along with tax rates, the number doctor’s offices, and the senior population percentage.

Other cities on the list include Portland, Maine, which has plenty of trails for walkers and bicyclists, and Santa Barbara, Calif., one of the nation’s top wine destinations.

Florida had several entries in the top 25, but Arizona had none. A few cold-weather cities, such as Missoula, Mont., and Erie, Pa., made the cut.

The East Coast is best for an active retirement. Six of our top 10 cities are located off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

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