Best Metros for Fastest-Growing Professions in the Nation

April 16, 2018
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For the fastest-growing professions in the U.S., like software developer and physician’s assistant, a new ranking matches these positions with the most affordable metros best-suited for growth.

Software developers may want to consider Austin, Texas for settling down, according to’s study. The metro’s median home list price sits at $368,800, and local real estate agent Jason Bernknopf says, "North Austin is becoming a destination spot" for software developers. The position's national median salary is currently $100,100, with a projected growth rate of 31 percent.

A red-hot economy is churning out jobs left and right, but the most in-demand gigs aren't necessarily in the places where those professionals can afford to live. Hoping to helm the next zillion-dollar tech startup? Silicon Valley and Seattle reign supreme, but you may still need a hefty trust fund to buy a home. Attracted to the burgeoning solar power biz? You'll have your pick of jobs in Boston or Honolulu, but good luck affording your own digs on a median salary of $39,200.

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