The Best Place to Be a Homeowner in the U.S.

Porch and Redfin present their data in an interactive map
November 5, 2015

Using indicators such as tax fairness, walkability, climate, educational opportunity, and real estate confidence, Porch partners up with Redfin to present an interactive map that ranks the best and worst cities to buy a home.

“The Best Place To Own A Home In America survey polled a representative sample of 10,007 U.S. homeowners across a variety of dimensions,” Porch says. Real estate firm Redfin provided local knowledge about some of the cities discussed in the results.

Ranking well overall, from wellness to climate to security and safety, was Denver. Mirroring this trend is that Colorado homeowners in general were the least regretful in their decision of buying a home.

Meanwhile, a whopping 21 percent of residents in Lakeland, Fla., say they regret buying a home, and three Ohio cities (Toledo, Dayton, and Akron) rank among the 10 worst places to own a home in the U.S.

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