The Best Small Cities In The U.S.

While the homes are a tad pricey, the nation’s top small cities have quality schools, low crime, and short commutes

November 1, 2016
The Best Small Cities In The U.S.
The Best Small Cities In The U.S.

Westfield, Ind., is about as Americana as it gets. The Indianapolis suburb has a large multi-sport outdoor park, walking and biking trails, a historical center, and a quaint downtown.

According to, WalletHub ranked Westfield (population 37,000) as America’s best small city. The site sorted through 1,268 small cities with between 25,000 and 100,000 residents and determined a top 10 list based on 30 livability factors, including housing costs, crime rates, school quality, commute times, and the number of local shops and restaurants.

Other small cities on the list include Princeton, N.J., Brookfield, Wis., and Brentwood, Tenn. The top 10 all had median home prices higher than the $227,700 national median price. Westfield and Brookfield were the most affordable at $330,000, and Kirkland, Wash., was most expensive, at $990,000.

“Consumers have shown interest in these cities that fall in between midsize cities and tiny towns,” says WalletHub data analyst Jill Gonzalez, adding that most of the places on the list are near big cities. “Many times, they’re more affordable [and provide] the best of both worlds with things like great education and health care systems and widespread job opportunities.”

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