Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Meet to Discuss Infrastructure Plan

January 11, 2018
Photo: Pexels

U.S. lawmakers recently met to discuss potential legislation to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure. Some are raising questions about the likelihood of bipartisan support ahead of the midterm elections in 2018. 

“While there is no shortage of issues on which the president and I disagree, the kind of large-scale, trillion dollar infrastructure investment that then-candidate Trump talked about is something that has the potential to elicit bipartisan support here in Congress,” Senator Tom Carper of Delaware said in a statement, per Fortune Magazine.

Many Republicans want to use private sector investment to finance infrastructure projects to avoid increasing the national debt but Democrats think that government money is necessary to produce such a large package. In its report on U.S. infrastructure in 2017, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the country a “D”, or failing grade for the state of its bridges, roads, dams, drinking water, ports, airports, railways and school buildings.

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