Is Black This Year's White in Bathroom Design?

January 28, 2020
Black Bathroom
By onzon

Whether it is a rebellion against the predictable all-white bathroom or an off-shoot of the recent tendency to go bold, black is back. From cabinets to tiles to even toilets, homeowners are now drawn to all-black accents in their bathrooms. Without choosing a loud, hard-to-match color, designers can use black to create a look that is unique while maintaining a timeless, sophisticated air. And as homeowners spend more and more time in their bathroom to relax and unwind, choosing a color that they can live with day after dayand even use to sell the house to the next buyeris increasingly important. The only caution is to not go overboard. Too much black can overwhelm the room. 

As I discussed in a recent article on color projections for 2020, gray and white have been the popular standard colors for years throughout the house. Even bathrooms have been gray and white. This was true, particularly when paired with other minimalistic or farmhouse-chic accessories. For bathrooms, subway tiles began to gain popularity, and in the later years, gold accents became popular as well. However in the last two or three years, there has been a move toward black being used in bathrooms. 

According to Wesley Ward, VP of marketing and merchandising at Hausera, “Some people say black’s emergence as a color of choice for bathrooms is an outgrowth of popular designs seen in commercial offices, renovated industrial spaces and hospitality venues, like the décor in the most trendy restaurants and nightclubs right now. Other people say it’s a direct reaction to the recent fad of all-white interiors.”

Also, in recent years, bathrooms have transformed from purely functional spaces to rooms where homeowners want to make a statement, which is why black is a perfect choice. It’s always sophisticated and enduringly chic, and it makes a strong impression in a small space. Black is a very elegant color and has long been a staple in clothing and accessories.

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