7 Ways to Promote Upgrades to Floor and Wall Systems

High-performance framing systems offer homeowners a lot of benefits—but you have to make sure they understand them.

October 29, 2018
High-performance framing systems, such as LP Legacy, offer homeowners a lot of benefits that they may not be aware of. It is your job to educate them.

High-performance framing systems, such as LP Legacy, offer homeowners a lot of benefits that they may not be aware of. It is your job to educate them. (Photo: LP Legacy)


Hidden behind the walls and under the floors, premium, high-performance framing, sub-flooring, and sheathing materials aren’t always an easy sell. Many homebuyers would rather splurge on the pretty things they can see—the high-end countertops, fixtures, or finishes. 

In reality, homeowners should care about the framing just as much as the faucets; after all, the quality of the materials used to build the home’s structure will make the difference in how that home performs over its life—and just how long that life is.

Part of the solution lies simply in education: Buyers need to be taught and shown how the products in their walls and floors impact the performance, durability, quality, and day-to-day nuances of their house.  

If you’re using premium materials to improve your homes—from engineered I-joists to radiant barrier sheathing to LP Legacy® engineered sub-flooring—here are a few strategies to help get buyers on board:


  • Make it your calling card: Many companies claim to build high-quality homes, but how are you showing that to potential customers? Take the time to clearly explain why your wall and floor systems are superior, using language a consumer can understand, just as much as you are showcasing floor plans and elevations. 
  • Sell a lifestyle: A higher-quality sub-floor means a better living experience—a more solid feel underfoot, less likelihood for squeaks, less chance for rattling dishes, and an overall better performance of the floor alongside the luxurious soaking tub and exquisite outdoor kitchen. 
  • Leverage your sales center: If you’re using a model home as your sales center, create cutaways in the floors and walls and point out the upgraded elements—and what those features mean for the long-term value of their potential home. Train sales staff to understand these systems and use them as a selling tool and a differentiator.
  • Build a model floor: The reduced deflection, bounce, and noise of a premium floor system is hard to explain in words. But seeing is believing. Build two floors side-by-side, and let buyers walk and feel the difference for themselves.
  • Update your sales materials: If your collateral doesn’t discuss your high-performance framing systems and how they impact the quality of your homes, it’s time to update. Again, use layman’s terms and clearly communicate what it means to the buyer. For example, you might say:


“ABC’s commitment to quality construction includes many elements you won’t see after your home is completed. Our robust floor-framing system combines LP Legacy premium sub-flooring and a highly engineered framing system, which means you won’t have to worry about floor squeaks, bouncy floors, or cracked tiles down the road.”  


  • Leverage social media: As your homes are being built, take photos and videos of the floor and wall systems as they’re being installed and before they’re dried in, specifically pointing out the extra steps and higher-end touches that set your company apart. 
  • Hit up your manufacturers: Your engineered wood and panel manufacturers, as well as your LBM dealers, have ample information at their disposal, including videos and case studies you can share on your website and social media. 


Simply put: If you’re putting in the extra work and spending more money on a higher-performing wall or floor system, it’s vital your potential buyers see the added value. While it will take some handholding, ensuring they understand the benefits can not only help make the sale but also leave a lasting impression. 

For more information on LP Legacy, visit www.lpcorp.com/legacy

Supply Chain Planning Manager

A licensed Civil Engineer specializing in wood engineering, Allan Burk is the Supply Chain Planning Manager for LP Building Products’ OSB and EWP business. He has worked in R&D, manufacturing and sales throughout his career in the building products industry.


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