Add amenities for sustainability-oriented customers

June 6, 2014

Outdoor living spaces are expanding, with larger decks and more attention to the entire yard. This trend gives homeowners ways to extend their entertaining spaces. As projects expand their scope, contractors can suggest amenities that add value while making their proposal more attractive.

This is especially true for customers who show a preference for sustainable products. These customers have interests in products that may not be a priority for other homeowners—and other contractors may not be aware of them. The customer often begins by asking about alternative deck boards, recycled content, and similar topics. For instance, NyloDeck is the only deck board made with recycled carpet fiber. Knowing such details about product composition can help a contractor stand out.

The 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects found a number of sustainable-design products in which some homeowners have an interest, once they’re made aware of the products and their benefits.

The highest rated products, with the percentage of respondents who were aware of them and interested in their use were:

1. Native/adapted drought-tolerant plants (88.0%)

2. Drip/water-efficient irrigation (84.5%)

3. Permeable paving (78.9%)

4. Reduced lawn (72.6%)

5. Recycled materials (65.1%)

6. Rainwater/graywater harvesting (60.6%)

7. Compost bins (51.2%)

8. Solar-powered lights (42.7%)

9. Geothermal-heated pools (27.2%)

Many of these can be incorporated into a deck project or a project that expands off the deck surface into the backyard. Some customers won’t have an interest in these concepts. But if the homeowner is asking about composites, alternative deck boards, and other sustainable-design concepts, these products might spur their interest.

National Product Manager

As the National Product Manager at NyloBoard, LLC, Stuart Dimery guides the team that manages all product development, research, testing, materials specifications and product management. NyloBoard uses a patented process that incorporates recycled carpet fiber to create exceptionally strong, durable and eco-friendly building materials, including NyloDeck, NyloPorch and NyloSheet. Dimery has been instrumental in the company’s entrance into the composite decking and porch flooring industries.

Prior to joining NyloBoard, Dimery was President of Countryside Equipment, Inc., a tractor and construction equipment dealership. Previously, he was the Director of Meta Systems for MeadWestvaco, where he helped grow the organization from its start to over $20 million annual sales of packaging and machinery. Dimery has also been a builder of custom homes and continues to build decks.

Through his extensive work with product development for NyloDeck, Dimery has gained deep knowledge across the spectrum of the industry’s materials and trends. He is an active member of the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA), and is currently completing his Master Deck Professional Certification.