Capturing Leads Earlier in the Buying Process

Targeted information for buyers on the hunt can be your best friend

February 18, 2016

More and more home buyers are researching online. For big purchases, consumers will continue to research and browse online for months and even years.  How can you stay in front of these buyers effectively and build credibility for your homes at the same time? Most builders have basic contact forms and lead capture methods on their websites, such as a Contact Us form.  But progressive builders are offering free, educational content to their website visitors, knowing that most of their website traffic is just in research mode and not ready to talk. Some builders offer a guide with information specific to the region (Image: PhotoXpress).   

Be helpful, but don’t push too hard

When you've got a bit of lead information, it’s tempting to push for the close, but you have to recognize that this person may not be ready to talk and they may not even be ready to buy yet. They are probably just researching.  So what do you do?

Set up a series of helpful emails. These can include links to school information, area activities, floor plans, FAQs about the home building process, pricing, and more. If you're stumped about what to ask, think about all the questions someone asks you when they go to buy a home. Start by answering these questions proactively via email. 

Worried that you’re giving away everything? You’re not. People can find all the information they want on the web, so you might as well be the one delivering it to them in a specific, organized way that’s targeted to them. This will help build your credibility and stay in front of this person until they are ready to buy. Marketing tools today enable you to create these emails once and set up the system so they are sent out automatically every time someone downloads your guide or e-book. 

Automate, but don’t forget to reach out by phone

Although having an automatic system of nurturing leads for months on end is an amazing tool and strategy, nothing replaces the personal touch you can provide with a phone call. Don’t forget to reach out to these leads by phone. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to modify your approach from “always be closing” to “always be helping”.  Try starting your conversation with something like, “Hi John, I saw you downloaded our buying guide. Did it have everything you were looking for? If not, I’m happy to point you in the right direction.” John will be so surprised you’re not trying to sell him on something right away, he’ll instantly like you, and that’s the first step to John being your next customer.

Are you nurturing your leads using an educational strategy?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. 





Spencer Powell is the Inbound Marketing Director for Builder Funnel, a marketing agency specializing in helping builders generate more leads and sales from their websites. When he’s not generating leads for builders, he’s probably playing doubles volleyball, at the gym, or at Chipotle. Connect with Spencer on LinkedIn or Twitter or send him a note via email:


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