Impact your bottom-line: Apply for the 2013 National Housing Quality Award

February 20, 2012

The NHQA is open to home builders, trade contractors and remodelers. Whether you are building production or custom homes, within communities or build on your lot, whether your homes are $100k or over $1million, if your market is within a city or covers 14 states. Whatever market, climate or home type your business focuses on, using the NHQA criteria and applying for the award is relevant to you and improving your business. Past winners have fitted into this wide range of categories of builders, so you will too.

The NHQA is celebrating its 20th year with Professional Builder Magazine and the National Association of Home Builders Research Center in helping the industry improve. 

This link will take you to the 2013 NHQA Application and Criteria

Many ask when is the right time to apply for the NHQA?  The answer is NOW! So many wait until they have better numbers, the market is more stable etc before applying. But all of that is really about increasing their chances to win. That of course is not the true point of NHQA, the point is improving all aspects of your business and as a result the bottom-line. Beyond that it is certainly valid to discuss time and resources in regard to getting started and writing an application. But again that is the beauty of NHQA, it is not all or nothing. It is not just about submitting a full application and the time it takes to do that. There are free winner articles on the PB website, free presentations given by Judges and winners, and the criteria can be used to conduct self-assessment at any time, which means that regardless of timing using NHQA for driving performance excellence is accessible NOW for any organization regardless of their situation. 

Waiting just means delaying improving your business. So download the criteria and apply this year!

Below is a series of links with more information on the NHQA.

The FAQ addresses such questions as how does NHQA work, its impact and other key issues.

For a breakdown of NHQA winner best practices over a 13 year period categorized into Easy, Intermediate and Advanced approaches follow this link.

The NHQA Model, explaining how the criteria functions

How to conduct Self-Assessment using the NHQA Criteria

Writing the NHQA application

Before and after the NHQA Site Visits

The real $ value and impact of the NHQA Feedback Report

How to address and implement the NHQA Feedback Report opportunities for improvement

How green building connects with the NHQA Model

Denis Leonard has a degree in construction engineering an M.B.A. and a Ph.D. in quality management. Denis is a Fellow of the American Society for Quality, a Certified Quality Manager, Auditor, and Six Sigma Black Belt. He has been an Examiner for the Baldrige National Quality Award Board of Examiners a Judge on the International Team Excellence Competition and a Lead Judge on the National Housing Quality Award. A former Professor of Quality at the University of Wisconsin, he has experience as a quality manager in the home building industry as well as construction engineer, site manager, and in training, auditing, and consulting with expertise in strategic and operational quality improvement initiatives. His work has achieved national quality, environmental, and safety management awards for clients. 

Denis is co-author of The Executive Guide to Understanding and Implementing the Baldrige Criteria: Improve Revenue and Create Organizational Excellence.


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