It's Time to Get Creative When Marketing New Homes

Combining proven methods with new strategies will help set you apart

January 3, 2018
creative thinking for marketing

Though demand for new homes has never been stronger, it’s always essential to have a strong sales and marketing campaign to target the right buyers. Here are five strategies to consider. (Image: shadesofnate  via Pixabay)

1] Take our model merchandising to the next level 

Gone are the days of simple staging, lighting candles and serving warm cookies. For interiors, transform typically bland entryways and stairway landings into new, usable spaces with furniture, area rugs, artwork, and window coverings. For the outdoors, builders are successfully marketing homes by creating livable rooms that are an extension of the homes’ interior spaces. Add items like indoor/outdoor luxury furniture, flat screen TVs, outdoor gourmet kitchens, and water features to bring underutilized outdoor spaces to new heights.

2] Create engaging events 

Create strategic partnerships with local organizations, businesses and influencers that share your demographic target audiences. Holding events with these partners can help you engage with new buyers and tap into new audiences. Successful events can include 5K races to benefit a local charity, cooking classes, pop-up farmer’s markets, art shows, and food truck festivals. These kind of events are fun and memorable and attract the local community—and your future buyers.

3] Leverage public relations for social media 

In the past, a media mention meant that your story had a shelf life of about 24 hours. The advent of social media has provided the opportunity to leverage the power of PR and media coverage by sharing and posting articles, bylined pieces, and media mentions across your social media channels. Unlike original content that can oftentimes veer on the promotional side, this is content provided by a third-party and can enhance your credibility, promote new homes, amplify your brand, and increase your thought leadership.

4] Go for targeted, digital advertising

Go directly where your interested buyers are. By using IP addresses of users’ computers who have visited your website, you can re-market your ads to that same user on Facebook. Similarly, users who visit your website can be re-marketed through online ads on Google’s partner websites. This creates top-of-mind awareness. Another successful strategy includes targeting Facebook users who are similar to current buyers through Facebook lookalike audiences. It’s a powerful tactic. 

5] Don’t forget tried and true strategies 

Beyond digital ads and social media, proven strategies that have been successful can still be leveraged, including print ads in local newspapers and magazines, direct mailers, developing and nurturing relationships with real estate agents, and using online tools such as MLS and Trulia to reach new customers and promote your new homes for sale.

Melissa Hazlett is Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Baldwin & Sons, the Newport Beach & San Diego CA-based family owned builder and developer. Celebrating its 60th anniversary, the company has built more than 20,000 homes for generations of families across southern California.