Job Description for a Quality Manager

Thoughts on how to create a generic job description for a Quality Manager at a home building company

February 1, 2016
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I thought I'd provide a generic job description for a Quality Manager for any of you out there creating a new role in this area or wanting to update your current job description.

First off, I prefer to use the term Quality Manager and not use the word Assurance. The distinction is subtle perhaps, BUT Assurance tends to focus people on the technical, and in our industry on the construction side only. Ideally, the Quality Manager will work not just within construction and not just onsite and therefore using the term Quality Management broadens their role.

What's Involved



  • To develop, launch, and implement companywide business improvement practices and processes.



  • Provides technical expertise, training, facilitation and tools to promote continuous improvement efforts across all departments as well as with customers and trade partners/suppliers.
  • Supports departments and trade partners/suppliers with the application and implementation for continuous improvement. This includes promoting, training, coaching and assisting in the implementation. (Training includes all quality related topics such as tools, techniques and best practices.)
  • Develops individuals and teams within the company and within Trade Partner groups to create sustainable knowledge and skills for Quality Management implementation through coaching and mentoring. The aim being to allow the delegation of tasks or projects.



  • Delegate tasks or projects to individuals skill, knowledge and abilities.
  • Develop organizational talents, skills and competencies within the team.
  • Empower individuals and teams to drive Quality Management activities.
  • Manage by identifying Opportunities for Improvement and implementing continuous improvement actions/teams/processes to address and affect these.
  • Demonstrate teamwork and collaboration.


Finally, you best know the level of detail you wish to have in the document, what the aspects of his/her work will be or you wish them to be and the culture of your individual company so here are some other terms, phrases, etc., that you may find of use/value:

  • Reviewing customer requirements and making sure they are met.
  • Working with purchasing staff to establish quality requirements from external suppliers.
  • Setting standards for quality as well as health and safety.
  • Looking at ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency.
  • Defining quality procedures in conjunction with operating staff.
  • Monitoring performance by gathering relevant data.
  • Making suggestions for changes and improvements and how to implement them.
  • Using relevant quality tools and making sure managers and other staff understand how to improve the business.
  • Making sure the company is working as effectively as possible to keep up with competitors.
  • Control and the distribution of all the companies quality documentation.
  • Monitor all quality related activities.
  • Perform all internal and external audits on behalf of the companies management.
  • Verify contractor quality requirements are specified to vendors and contractor documentation submittals.
  • Review quality inspection personnel qualifications and training requirements.
  • Monitor the progress and effectiveness of the project quality management system. Recommend and implement improvements when required.
  • Coordinate all QA/QC activities with the site managers.
  • Coordinate all quality related correspondence with the customer's representatives.
  • Action and close all customer complaints.

Denis Leonard has a degree in construction engineering an M.B.A. and a Ph.D. in quality management. Denis is a Fellow of the American Society for Quality, a Certified Quality Manager, Auditor, and Six Sigma Black Belt. He has been an Examiner for the Baldrige National Quality Award Board of Examiners a Judge on the International Team Excellence Competition and a Lead Judge on the National Housing Quality Award. A former Professor of Quality at the University of Wisconsin, he has experience as a quality manager in the home building industry as well as construction engineer, site manager, and in training, auditing, and consulting with expertise in strategic and operational quality improvement initiatives. His work has achieved national quality, environmental, and safety management awards for clients. 

Denis is co-author of The Executive Guide to Understanding and Implementing the Baldrige Criteria: Improve Revenue and Create Organizational Excellence.