Prepare For The Season With Spring Cleaning Essentials

From the exterior to the interior, consider the following essential spring cleaning techniques to prepare your clients’ properties and help them enjoy the season a little more

May 1, 2017
Spring Cleaning Essentials

With the Spring season arriving earlier in many parts of the country this year, homeowners are starting to think about much-needed repairs and “spring cleaning” projects around and within their homes.

Thankfully, there are countless new products available this Spring to ensure that you and your team are well-equipped for any project. From the exterior to the interior, consider the following essential Spring cleaning techniques to prepare your clients’ properties and help them enjoy the season a little more.

1. Inspect the exterior – Begin by conducting a thorough walkthrough to ensure that critical property components are both clean and structurally sound, especially for homes in areas that experienced harsh winter weather. This includes checking common areas such as the roof, irrigation system and landscaping for any fallen leaves, branches and trees. Quickie’s Jobsite Push Broom can gather and move natural debris from sidewalks and walkways. Once collected, consider using Demobags, which are 42-gallon tear-resistant bags made of a tarp-like material, to make cleanups easier and more efficient. You can reuse these bags up to five times, and each can hold up to 110 pounds of debris and trash.

2. Improve the curb appeal – Small cleaning projects, such as a quick pressure wash or a paint touch-up, can make a world of difference to a home’s exterior. Eco-friendly products, such as Simple Green’s two-in-one multi-purpose cleaner, provide a powerful clean and keep properties in tip-top shape for the rest of the season without any chemical smell or odor. You also can take advantage of portability and cost savings benefits by buying these cleaners in bulk. The Home Depot offers a wide variety of large, wholesale quantities of professional-grade and heavy duty products, saving you more time and money in the end.

3. Prevent allergens – Outdoor allergies continue to be a growing epidemic, affecting approximately 50 million Americans. Fortunately, routine tasks as simple as replacing the air filters in your properties can prevent symptoms from escalating. Encourage your clients to change their filters every one to three months to minimize dust and pollen buildup.

4. Avoid mold buildup – As temperatures and humidity rise with the season, so does the risk of mold growth in the bathroom, kitchen and other moist-surfaced areas. Conduct a preventative mold check with your clients, especially near caulked areas surrounding the tub or sink that are prone to dirt and mildew. After assessing, consider completing a full water damage inspection to identify potential water-related risks that likewise can encourage mold growth. A water detection device can prevent such risks, identifying high moisture levels and thwarting unseen leaks before they get out of hand. It’s also helpful to prepare your clients for recovery should they experience a major leak or flooding. In these cases, a heavy-duty, lightweight mop such as the new Rubbermaid Commercial Products Maximizer Mop can facilitate faster and more effective cleanup.

Let’s face it – the Spring season is approaching much sooner than we expected. Now is the time to prepare your teams, tools and equipment, and help ensure your clients’ properties are ready for the season.

Cleaning Merchant

Lance joined The Home Depot in 2014 in product development and is currently the national Cleaning Merchant. With ample experience and background working with tools, hardware and paint, Lance has the knowledge to help the consumer and PRO meet all their product needs.


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