Reconfiguring with Windows

June 19, 2015
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An unprecedented amount of remodeling activity not seen since 2007 is anticipated by the third quarter of 2015. More than 1/3 is projected to include window replacements. So, the time is right to encourage your clients to literally think outside the box. Whether it’s a small project or a large-scale overhaul, a remodel is the perfect opportunity for clients to reconfigure their space using windows and doors.

The possibilities are nearly limitless, but here are just a few ways to reinvent a room by adding more windows to the design:

Blur the lines between indoors and outside by adding taller windows that extend from the floor to the ceiling. Or try an accent wall with deep reveals where items like books or pottery can be displayed. Achieve this with a contemporary band of windows or even in a more traditional room using single, spaced double-hung windows.

Add decorative touches of glass like transom windows for accents that complement the home’s style, particularly those with tall ceilings. For even more flair consider using casement windows. Combine transoms with double swinging French doors and sidelights to create a divide between two rooms (or even between the outdoors and inside) and encourage a free flow that still offers a hint of privacy.

Use windows and doors in unexpected places. Stairwells and landings offer an opportunity to incorporate more natural light in often dark spaces. From small and unusual shapes to open and tall options, more clients are choosing windows to make previously disregarded areas pop with windows. Separate an area without making it feel closed off by incorporating a sliding French door.  

Kitchens, the second most remodeled room in the home, offer an ideal palette for unique window design. Trade in extra cabinet space for additional windows and let the light pour in. Forgo a windowless wall for one made complete of windows for extra elegance and style. Or, in lieu of a traditional backsplash, add one long linear window, for example. Try incorporating gliders and create a pass through to outdoor dining areas.

Reconfiguring a home with windows and doors will add drama, welcome in natural light and create a sophisticated look to any room.

Of course, these design concepts should not be relegated to just one area. Think the whole home when working with clients. At least 33 percent of remodels will be of the entire house, so offer ample window and door options to truly change the look of the house. 

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