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September 27, 2011


Jane McNamara is a tech-savvy CEO of a non-profit agency in Michigan. In February of this year, she bought a second home in Florida from Bonita Springs, Fla.-based WCI Communities. When she signed the contract, the sales agent handed her an iPad preloaded with MyWCi, an application that organized all of her home-buyer documents and gave her instant contact with all of her WCI contacts. It put a host of information at her fingertips and allowed her to share photos and news about her new home with family and friends.

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“You easily have access to documents to follow what’s going on,” McNamara says. “The packet of information about the house is about 2 inches thick. All that information was accessible via the iPad. I could go back and look at finishes and pull up floor plans. To have all that information and not carry around paper is just huge. It’s very cool.”


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