Is Blueprint Robotics A Glimpse Into The Future Of Homebuilding?

Prefab housing techniques using robotics, like those Blueprint Robotics is looking to use, have been in use for a while in other parts of the world, but now the Baltimore-based company is looking to make it common in the U.S.

February 26, 2016

Robots are up there with jetpacks and flying cars as the most stereotypical aspects of futuristic science fiction books and movies. But while jetpacks and flying cars have not yet become a reality, robots have been making their presence felt for years, and their benefits are only increasing as the years march forward and technology improves.

Blueprint Robotics, a Baltimore-based company, has big ideas for using robotics to change the way homes are built in the U.S., The Baltimore Sun reports. Now, these aren’t the type of robots that are going to be alerting Will Robinson to danger orfighting Megatron to save the world, but what they will be doing is still pretty interesting and, as far as the U.S. is concerned, revolutionary.

The new “start-up with an asterisk,” as people have referred to the company, plans on using robotics to make the home building process faster, more precise, and less wasteful. To do this, they will construct homes offsite using machines to cut lumber and install insulation, wiring, plumbing, drywall, windows, and doors. Then, these materials will be shipped in panel form to the construction site where crews can assemble them on a foundation within a day.

While there are some questions as to whether panelization takes away the custom feel that homebuyers seek, the appeal of using the robotics to create apartments and dormitories is apparent.

Blueprint Robotics hopes to move into its new 200,000 square foot warehouse soon and hire an additional 60 employees by the middle of the summer.

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