Book Reviews

Book reviews of 'Daily Field Guide: A Logbook for Home Builders,' 'The Scopes of Work Program' and 'Sustainable Landscape Constrction.'

October 31, 2000

Daily Field Guide: A Logbook for Home Builders, by Tom Hrin. This second edition volume helps the construction superintendent keep the job on schedule and document what happens during the course of construction. The 128-page paperback Field Guide includes a phone list, projection chart, inspection report, conversion and formula data, weekly cleanup schedules, a weather log, extra work performed sheets, back charges sheets, equipment rental logs, portable latrine sheets, vehicle maintenance forms and a warranty literature package. In addition, a six-page project log and checklists includes a list of what to order, check and schedule when a house is released to build. The Daily Field Guide also includes a disk with checklists formatted as tables in Microsoft Word97/Windows 95. Published by Home Builder Press. Click Here to order this book.

The Scopes of Work Program: Procedures and Standards to Increase Quality, by Linda Haas Davenport. Published by Home Builder Press, this 232-page book outlines ways builders can standardize procedures, gain accountability from field personnel and trade contractors and reduce warranty work by clearly spelling out expectations from the beginning of each project. The book suggests ways to standardize phases of new home construction, ensure 100 percent completion by each trade, reduce material waste, control construction costs and increase profitability. All of the critical documents are on a CD-ROM that accompanies the text. These include terms and conditions, job requirements, pre- and post-work inspection reports and a warranty agreement. Author Linda Haas Davenport spent the past 12 years as the operations officer for a mid-sized production builder in Atlanta. She recently returned to her hometown of Tulsa, Okla., to set up a consulting service. Click Here to order this book.

Sustainable Landscape Construction: A Guide to Green Building Outdoors, by J. William Thompson and Kim Sorvig. This text offers practical, professional alternatives for more sustainable landscape construction, design and maintenance. Organized around ten key principles of sustainability, the book offers specific methods that can help accomplish those principles. In addition, more than 100 projects are featured and illustrated to provide examples of economical, functional and sustainable landscape construction. The 348-page text is published by Island Press, Click Here to order this book.