Brands Target Millennial Consumers Through Nostalgia

Current sales to the nation’s future are buoyed by connections to the past.

August 9, 2016

The youngest generation has the strongest ties to yesteryear.

Millennials are quite fond of the long-ago days of 2002 and 1997, years in which the most influential consumers of today were carefree kids. The popular culture trends of the time, from food to music, bring back good memories.

Major companies know this. According to Forbes, Nostalgia Marketing strategies are yielding tremendous results for brands like Coca-Cola, KFC, Microsoft, Lego, and, especially, Pokémon.

Nostalgia allows brands to become humanized and connect with consumers on an emotional level. Forbes noted the key is for brands to use nostalgia to offer something new, and to do it in the most authentic way possible.

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