Breaking Down The City Vs. Suburbs Debate

The debate between choosing a home in the city or the suburbs is more about personal preference and less about which one is ‘better’

February 22, 2016

There are plenty of stereotypes about who chooses to live in the city and who wants to spend quality time in the suburbs, but the truth is, there are good things about both and for some home shoppers, it may be a difficult choice. has broken down this city vs. suburbs debate into five main factors in an effort to make the decision between the two easier. The first factor is that homes appreciate faster in cities. From January 2015 to January 2016, the value of city homes grew 11.3 percent whereas suburban homes have only grown 6.7 percent.On the other hand, city homes are more expensive to begin with, costing an average of $431,000, a significant increase over the $230,000 suburban homes are listed for.

Other factors include how important space is for a potential homebuyer (the suburbs offer much more at a lower cost), the importance of parks, trails, and public schools (suburbs), vs. proximity to museums and varied nightlife options (cities), and safety.

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