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In an era of increasing weather-related challenges, Briggs & Stratton is aiming to revolutionize home standby generators with its latest offering, the PowerProtect home standby generator line. This innovation, featuring NGMax technology for enhanced power and flexibility, is set to redefine the expectations of homeowners seeking power solutions in times of need.

As climate change leads to stronger and more frequent storms, power outages, both in terms of frequency and duration, have correspondingly increased. It's made safeguarding homes against outages an increasing focus of pros and homeowners alike. Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions has adapted its standby generator offerings by introducing new technology and diversifying power options. The PowerProtect line—which includes models with capacities of 13kW, 18kW, 22kW, and 26kW—offers homeowners more power and flexibility to suit their specific needs.

One standout feature of the PowerProtect line is the inclusion of NGMax technology, which allows these generators to perform optimally on both natural gas and liquid propane fuels. This is a significant advancement, as it addresses the discrepancy in power output ratings typically seen on home standby generators running on natural gas.

Another noteworthy feature is Eco-Cise, a smart weekly test that in 16 seconds ensures a generator is in top working condition. This not only reduces the exercise cycle from five to 20 minutes per week but also minimizes noise and fuel consumption. Eco-Cise is a standard feature on all PowerProtect models, offering an eco-friendly and convenient solution.

The PowerProtect Lineup

PowerProtect 13kW Home Standby Generator: This compact and powerful generator provides essential power during outages. It offers 37 kVA of motor starting power, easily handling large appliances and equipment. With a 39% smaller footprint than comparable generators, it's perfect for tight spaces and lot lines. When paired with the optional Symphony Choice Power Management system, homeowners can prioritize essential power needs, optimizing affordability and efficiency.

PowerProtect 18kW and 22kW Home Standby Generators: These generators offer more power for the money, with 45 kVA of motor starting power. They are certified for non-emergency use, allowing homeowners to participate in demand response programs and receive incentives for reducing overall energy consumption.

PowerProtect 26kW Home Standby Generator: Introduced in 2021, this generator remains the most powerful air-cooled home standby generator on the market, with over 26 kilowatts of power. It can easily start large appliances and equipment, ensuring homes continue running smoothly during outages.

All PowerProtect home standby generators are equipped with Briggs & Stratton's commercial-grade Vanguard engines, assembled in the U.S., and backed by a comprehensive six-year warranty covering labor, parts, and major components.

Briggs & Stratton's commitment to innovation and reliability in the PowerProtect home standby generator line ensures that homeowners have the peace of mind and power they need when facing unexpected outages. In a world where climate uncertainty is on the rise, these generators offer a robust and dependable solution for homes and businesses alike, no matter what challenges Mother Nature throws their way.