Builders Foster Collaboration Over Competition to Weather Current Market Conditions

April 21, 2020
individuals bumping fists to show teamwork and collaboration

American life completely changed in the course of a month, and for builders, it is a time to come together to figure out to navigate this new world. As essential workers, builders can continue working in much of the U.S., but the job site has its own challenges as teams adapt to new safety protocols, including social distancing. Both individual companies and builder associations are focusing on the greater good and the distribution of knowledge, and competitors who used to keep their cards close are now sharing tips, tricks, and life-saving safety measures so builders can continue to work while minimizing the risk to their health. 

Since the coronavirus outbreak hit the U.S., many in the industry have noticed a bright spot emerge from the crisis: a push toward more collaboration among stakeholders.

Competing general contractors are sharing information more than ever before, especially about ways to keep workers safe during the pandemic. They are posting photos, best practices and toolbox talks on their websites and sharing ideas on webinars and conference calls to offer solutions that can benefit the industry. 

This collaboration has been central to the industry’s quick reaction to keeping sites healthy and operational in an unprecedented and fast-changing situation, according to Mike Benike, executive vice president at Rochester, Minnesota-based Benike Construction.

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