Building Granny Units In California May Soon Become Much Easier

July 7, 2016

Family is a beautiful thing, but for anyone who has sat through a few too many contentious family holiday parties understands, family can also be a vexatious thing. And as multigenerational living becomes more common around the country, the grit-your-teeth-and-bear-it approach of dealing with family during the holidays doesn’t work quite as well 365 days a year.

Building a granny, or in-law, suite (be it attached or detached) seems like a pretty simple solution to make multigenerational living work for everyone involved. Unfortunately, while it may seem like a simple solution, myriad rules and regulations regarding in-law suites can turn them into a rather large headache. But, as reports, a California state bill that would make it easier for California homeowners to build in-law units is one step closer to reaching the Assembly floor.

Senate Bill 1069 was just approved by the Assembly Local Government Committee and will head to the Assembly Appropriations Committee in early August. If the committee passes the bill, it would then move to the Assembly floor for a vote.

The bill, if passed into law, would call for eliminating or reducing parking requirements and utility hook-up fees and would speed up the permit approval process. Whether the second unit was attached or detached form the main unit would have some effect on these changes, however.

If the bill is approved by the Assembly, it would still have to be voted on again by the Senate and then be signed by Gov. Jerry Brown within 30 days.

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