Canadian Builder Creates Affordable Net-Zero Home

July 5, 2017

Landmark Homes of Edmonton, Alberta, has built one of the lowest-priced net-zero homes in Canada. The Pisa, a two-story, 1,230-square-foot home, sells for $399,737, a real breakthrough in the evolution of buildings that produce all their own energy on a net-annual basis. Landmark has already built 25-30 net-zero homes, and company founder Reza Nasseri has always had his eye on making them affordable. Key features of the Pisa include R-80 attic insulation; an R-27, above-grade exterior wall; an R-36 basement with two inches of insulation under the floor; and high-efficiency heat recovery and ventilation systems. Energy harvested by solar rootop panels powers the heat-pump furnace and the heat-pump hot-water heater and ventilation system.

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