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The Home Builders Institute (HBI) has partnered with Beazer Homes and Latinos on Fast Track (LOFT) to launch Team Builders.
By Laura Butalla, Senior Editor | May 31, 2006

The Hispanic population is the largest minority group in the U.S., but no formal effort had been made to recruit Latinos for the residential building industry — until now.


In March, the Home Builders Institute (HBI) partnered with Beazer Homes and Latinos on Fast Track (LOFT) to launch Team Builders, a first-of-its-kind program designed to introduce Hispanic college students to careers in the home-building industry.

Twenty-five college students will participate in summer internships at Beazer Homes' offices across the U.S.

HBI spearheaded the Team Builders initiative to help Hispanic college students understand an industry they might not consider otherwise, says HBI's Chairman of the Board of Trustees Michael Sivage.

Because Hispanics now make up the largest group of minorities in the U.S., at 14 percent, guiding them to careers through the Team Builders program is particularly important, HBI officials say.

HBI also predicts more than two-thirds of the overall workforce growth will consist of Latino workers in the next 15 years, with less than one percent in management positions.

"This program will help us connect with a previously untapped workforce and give young Hispanic people the opportunity to experience the home-building industry at a critical decision-making time in their lives," says Ian McCarthy, president and CEO of Beazer Homes. "We hope their internships will be personally rewarding and enlightening."