'Career Path' Requirements for Construction Superintendents

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Knowledge & Skill Requirements

January 01, 2000

Knowledge & Skill Requirements

  • Leadership: 20 leadership qualities listed
  • Finance: Budget; Level I and II understanding; Level III, routinely price out custom options
  • Operations: Managerial, Safety, Procurement & Construction Activity Scheduling
  • Construction: Blueprint Reading, Framing, Siding (Brick-Stone), Window & Door, Foundation, Paint, Drywall, Plumbing, Electrical & Mechanical, Interior Trim, Wall & Floor Covering, Grading & Landscaping, On-lot Development, Warranty


  • Level I (Development): 17 courses and seminars ranging from "Dealing with Hostility" to "Framing Fundamentals"
  • Level II (Proficiency): 9 courses including "The Finish: Exercise in Quality Control" to "Land Budgeting Policy and Procedure"
  • Level III (Mastery): 8 courses including "Managing for Top Performance" to "Mentoring"

Performance Standards
(On the basis of Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Safety Audits)

  • Level I (Development): 8 items remaining after occupancy walks, 2.6 score on corrective work, 2.6 score on warranty work, 96 score on safety audit target.
  • Level II (Proficiency): 4 items remaining from occupancy walks, 2.8 score on corrective work, 2.8 score on warranty work, 108 score on safety audit target.
  • Level III (Mastery): 2 items remaining after occupancy walks, 3 on corrective work, 3 on warranty work, 114 on safety audit target.

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