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Casalgrande Padana introduces the Aquatio range, featuring bathroom furnishings treated with Bios Antibacterial technology, aiming to eliminate 99% of bacteria while preventing stains and odors.

Innovative Technology and Customizable Design

Aquatio's tiles incorporate Bios Antibacterial technology, a silver-based solution that enhances surface cleanliness and adds a layer of protection to the bathroom environment. The collection offers clean lines, essential design, and customizable dimensions, allowing architects and designers to adapt bathroom furnishings to specific needs using porcelain stoneware slabs from Casalgrande Padana's collections.

Practical Porcelain Stoneware

Casalgrande Padana's porcelain stoneware tiles offer durability, wear resistance, and easy cleaning. The collection provides diverse textures, tones, transparencies, veining, and color variations for versatile design possibilities.

Cohesive Bathroom Experience and Structural Excellence

Aquatio extends beyond tiles to include washbasins, shower trays, and shelves that harmonize with bathroom floors and walls or create deliberate contrasts. The collection's numerous models cater to various site-specific needs. Aquatio's core products feature rigid panels made of extruded polystyrene, assembled with structural silicone or water-repellent materials. Washbasins incorporate a steel tray for added rigidity, with all sides coated for strong adhesion to porcelain stoneware slabs.

Versatility and Sustainability

Porcelain stoneware's versatility expands its use in interior design. Aquatio's marble-, stone-, concrete-, and metal-effect bathroom furnishings seamlessly integrate with any interior design style and Casalgrande Padana tile collection. Casalgrande Padana's collections prioritize sustainability, crafted from natural raw materials that are fully recyclable. The production process meets high-quality standards through applied research and technology, adhering to stringent environmental standards. Anti-pollution equipment enables the recycling and reusing of all production components.

Ultimately, the Aquatio range by Casalgrande Padana introduces innovative and functional bathroom furnishings, offering a customizable, practical, and sustainable solution for elevating bathroom spaces.

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