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Photo: Pixabay/paulbr75

A new publication outlines how to meet IECC energy efficiency requirements using wood-frame construction, CodeWatcher reports.

The requirements of the 2006 IECC are often used as the baseline to compare later editions. Between the 2006 and 2009 editions, the amount of insulation required in wood construction did not change, but with the 2012 IECC, large strides in efficiency were made.

Homes in Climate Zones 3 and 4, which range from Georgia to Maryland, now required foam insulation or 2×6 walls instead of the customary 2×4 walls with R-13 insulation. Alternative methods of achieving the required performance were suddenly of more interest so that builders could continue to use the typical 2×4 walls. In response, the American Wood Council (AWC) developed Design Code for Acceptance publication Meeting Residential Energy Requirements with Wood-Frame Construction (DCA 7).

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