The Cities With the Best 20-Year Return on Home Values

June 14, 2019
California Coast
Photo: Unsplash/Ivaylo Klissarov

Coastal cities dominate the list of U.S. metros that have experienced the greatest home value growth over the past 20 years.

CNBC reports that while the average home nationally is valued 90% more than it was in 1999, some cities have seen gains of up to 300% and 400%. Of the 15 cities with the highest home value returns in the last two decades, all but one was located on the East and West Coasts.

Miami Beach, Fla., topped the list, with a 20-year return of 1,308,800, or 414.60%. It was followed by Washington, D.C. (403.90%), Sommerville, Mass. (357.30%), Santa Monica, Calif. (332.50%), and Mountain View, Calif. (330.80%). 

In fact, of the 50 cities with the best percentage gains, just one is not along the east or west coast: Gulfport, Mississippi. There, the median home value of $213,200 is 256% more — or $153,400 — than the $59,800 median value in 1999.

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