The Cities Building the Most New Homes

December 18, 2015

America is in a bit of a housing crunch. Housing price inflation has re-emerged, more income is being spent on rents, and mainly, the pace of home production is slower than population growth.

Forbes found the metro areas that are best addressing the demand for housing. Austin, Texas, ranks first, as the city constructed 71,000 housing units from 2011 to 2014 (11.5 percent of its existing housing base). The city also had an even split between single-family and multifamily units.

While southern cities, like Houston and Charlotte, are building new homes, construction has been stagnant in the north. Providence, R.I., has had a 1 percent growth in housing since 2011, and fellow cold-weather cities like Milwaukee, Chicago, and Hartford haven’t seen much home growth, either.

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