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Allura USA

In partnership with residential developer SYMBI Homes, PRODUCTS recently completed a high-performance demonstration project in Mt. Rainier, Md., a Washington, DC suburb.

The pilot project, a for-sale duplex, showcases a higher level of quality, innovation, and sustainability in home building.

SYMBI builders Nicole Tysvaer and Matt Kulp chose durable Allura USA fiber cement siding for the exterior of the homes. Highlights of the project include: 

  • Allura provided all the siding and trim products needed to create a cool, clean modern, look to a traditional farmhouse design; 
  • Opting for pre-finished products, the builders saved time and money on the install; 
  • The durability and resilience of Allura’s fiber cement material aligned perfectly with SYMBI’s commitment to sustainability. 

Product Innovation 

A key ingredient to SYMBI’s enlightened approach to home building includes choosing sustainable materials that will perform well over many decades in all potential weather conditions. Allura’s fiber cement siding offers this type of durability and resiliency, providing a perfect outer shield that is also beautiful and cost effective. 

SYMBI chose a combination of Allura products including the smooth 8-1/4” lap siding with 7” reveal, pre-cut 4”-10” trim boards, unvented soffits, and smooth cement panels custom cut to create the vertical board-and-batten gables. Because the cement material has limited expansion and contraction, SYMBI installers used a minimal 3/8” gap around windows which complemented the tight, modern profile. 

All products were pre-finished in Allura’s Snow color, a look that is far superior to a post-install paint application. “In the factory, it's being hit with multiple sprayers at multiple angles creating a very unified finish on all four sides,” says Adam Burla, Allura Regional Sales Manager. “The benefit is a very uniform color, and you don't have any inconsistencies that can come from a field-applied paint job.” 

Installation of Allura’s 8-1/4” fiber cement lap siding in pre-finished color Snow ON THE SYMBI DUPLEX ONE

Installation of Allura’s 8-1/4” fiber cement lap siding in pre-finished color Snow.


Tysvaer was impressed with the look and strength of the product, which also has the best warranty in the industry: 50 years on material, 15 years on the finish. “Allura is a very durable product and very sustainable because it lasts forever and ever,” she says. “We love the bright white color and we think it makes a statement and offers a wonderful contrast to the rest of the house,” 

Selecting a pre-finished product also reduced installation time and allowed the SYMBI team to install the siding in a variety of conditions without having to wait for the perfect temperature or humidity necessary to prime and paint in the field, adds Tysvaer. 

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Tips from the Builder 

  • Be sure to seal any new cuts with one coat of the touch-up kit paint provided by Allura; 
  • Using Allura for both trim and siding is a big advantage as the products will expand and contract at a consistent rate, avoiding gaps and buckling; 
  • Create a fresh, modern look by combining the traditional farmhouse profile with creative touches on the finishes. For example, SYMBI builders chose a smooth finish for the lap siding with a larger 7-inch reveal. Also, Allura’s minimalist 4-inch white trim around the windows and doors, in conjunction with the slim black fiberglass frames of the fenestration, achieves a strikingly contemporary look.  

Rear view of SYMBI Duplex One featuring Allura’s lap siding, board-and-batten, trim and soffit fiber cement material

Rear view of SYMBI Duplex One featuring Allura’s lap siding, board-and-batten, trim and soffit fiber cement material.

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