Clean Tech Companies Are Doing Best In These Cities And States

May 17, 2016

According to Clean Edge’s new U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index, California leads the way for states in terms of its clean tech economy based on how much clean energy they produce, how they mandate for energy production, what they offer in tax breaks and subsidies, and how much capital they’re raising for renewable energy businesses, Co. Exist reports. Not only does California lead the state rankings, but San Francisco, San Jose, and San Diego are also the top three cities in the rankings.

After California, Massachusetts is in second on the list and Vermont, which ranked 15th in 2013, has climbed all the way up to third. On the city list, Portland, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Austin, and Chicago follow the three California cities and round out the top ten.

As a whole, the United States has been drastically increasing the amount of energy it gets from renewables that aren’t hydropower. In 2010 only one state generated at least 10 percent of its energy from renewable sources. Currently, 14 states generate more than 10 percent with Iowa (31 percent), South Dakota (25 percent), and Kansas (24 percent) topping the list. Meanwhile, California gets more than 10 percent of its energy from solar power alone.

The rankings show that the places where business, government, and research are working the hardest on clean technology are concentrated in a select few areas around the country and are going to need to expand before greater benefits will be seen nationwide.

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