Cleveland Among Cities That Offer The Best-Paying STEM Jobs

February 21, 2017

San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland are well-known giants in the STEM field. Cleveland isn’t famous in that regard, but it sure pays like it is.

SmartAsset sifted through the 53 metros with at least 30,000 workers in STEM positions (jobs dealing with science, computers, math, and engineering) and found the cities that paid the most based on the average income and annual increase in STEM pay.

Cleveland finished second, between top-ranked San Jose and third-place San Francisco. Though workers in those cities earn six-figures, STEM professions in Cleveland saw a 6.4 percent annual increase in pay, the highest rate in the nation. The average worker earns a little less than $70,000 a year.

Top STEM jobs for pay in Cleveland: physicists ($148,890 median annual income), medical scientists ($131,750), aerospace engineers ($111,300). Notable STEM Employers: Hyland Software, NASA Glenn Research Center, HWH Architects Engineers Planners, GPD Group, Middough.

Other well-paying metros include Nassau-Suffolk in New York, San Antonio, Chicago, Baltimore, and Huntsville, Ala., the home of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

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